commitment to green

Our commitment to preserving and protecting the environment is a priority both in terms of what we offer and how we work.

What We Offer:
The seasonal energy saving benefits of window coverings are measurable and significant. The right choice can help insulate a room in the winter and keep it cool in the summer. Certain fabric options can drastically reduce heat gain from intense sunlight. Since the window covering industry is continually moving to greener and more sustainable options, we strive to remain current on the latest eco-minded fabrics including bamboo, grass, PVC-free and recycled fibers.

How We Work:
Each person on our team believes in practicing what we preach, so whenever possible we recycle product packaging and office waste, and are conservative with how much we print in the office every day. Of course, we close our office shades on hot summer days, and on cold winter mornings we do the same to add a few degrees of comfort.